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Meet our Beautiful Cessna 172!

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We have the distinct privilege to own the nicest equipped  Cessna 172 on the western slope for our training aircraft! It has a spectacular paint scheme and a new leather interior! The previous owner did not cut any corners on the complete restoration to bring it to a brand-new condition!

The plane was updated with a 180hp Lycoming O-360 engine with a fixed pitch prop. The 180hp engine gives it very good performance up to 12,500 feet and even higher if needed. This is very important in the summer when the density altitude can get up to 8000ft on the ground. 

Avionics is where the plane truly shines! The main display is a Garmin G500txi. It is our PDF/MFD and it is a touchscreen! It also has a full synthetic vision in the PDF! So, you can “see” outside by looking inside! Terrain, traffic, runways, and obstacles are some of the things that are in the synthetic display. The MFD part of the G500txi is the moving map along with a long list of overlays and information, such as weather, traffic, and terrain. It also can display charts and the flight plan from the GPS. The complete system will make any pilot giddy with excitement! 

The Garmin GTN 750 WAAS is also a marvel in navigation technology! The ease of use and the capabilities are astounding. When learning to fly on instruments, makes things like holds and approaches a complete breeze. With aviation technology headed to a glass cockpit across many aircraft and entire company fleets, learning to use and manage these systems is essential to flying safely well into the future. 

We also have the Stec 55x, 2 axes autopilot with electric trim. This autopilot will hold headings, tracks, altitude, vertical speed, and fly approaches down to minimums. This is a great tool to manage a cockpit safely in IFR and on long cross-country flights. This also makes our 172 a Technically Advanced Aircraft or TAA. This allows us to count the 10 hours needed of either, Complex, Turbine, or TAA time for your commercial pilot certificate. There is no need to spend the extra $1000’s to get the 10 hours of complex time just to get your commercial certificate!

Summing up, we are proud to offer our high-quality instruction in such an amazing aircraft!  Call us today to schedule a visit and see our amazing Cessna 172 in person! 

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