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Meet Jonathan Mast, owner of Grand Mesa Aviation. Jonathan has a great passion for the freedom of flight and using his gifts to serve others. He has been in the sky since 2008 and has all certificates needed to train others. If you’re looking for a flight instructor near Montrose Colorado then you’ve found the right guy!

“Walking along with a student from the wonder and amazement of their first flight, learning the knowledge and skills, passing the check ride, and becoming the newest private pilot! It is also gratifying to help private pilots to earn their instrument rating and the commercial certificate. As pilots, we are always learning and to be an active part of that progress is a rewarding experience!” -Jonathan Mast

Grand Mesa Aviation is only about an hour’s drive to the great San Juan Mountains to the south, including Ridgway, Ouray, and Telluride. Telluride and Aspen are only a 35-minute flight away and are part of our training program. The western slope is one of the best places to learn to fly with our excellent year-round weather, and with the mountainous terrain, you will gain the invaluable experience of flying in the mountains!

Below you can learn more about the programs we offer. We have programs for everyone; beginners and experienced pilots. You can learn at your own speed at Grand Mesa. We offer accelerated courses as well as regular-paced courses. We make your learning experience knowledge-packed so you can tackle any obstacles in your flights. Let’s get flying! 

We Offering Multiple Courses!

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Private Flight Certificate

The first step is earning your private pilot certificate. We offer training under part 61 of the FAA regulations. Training under part 61 means that we can work with your schedule and go at the speed that works best for you. We will work with you to fit your lifestyle and schedule; from our accelerated private pilot course in 14 days to only flying twice a week, we will work with you to personalize the training program. 

Our ground school is all online, and we recommend two companies for this portion of the training. Our flight training is in our beautiful Cessna 172 with the latest avionics from Garmin. We will also teach in your aircraft. Learn in the beautiful mountains of Colorado to learn what it means to be free as a bird!

Instrument Rating

The next step in aviation is earning your Instrument Rating. An instrument rating allows you to fly into the clouds and low visibility and opens a whole new world of possibilities. It also brings your skills to a much higher level as a pilot! When learning on instruments, the pilot must develop the skills to fly smoothly and precisely to operate safely. This skill set brings enhanced safety and decision-making skills to your flying lifestyle. 

The miracle of instrument flight is that you take off into the clouds and navigate your way across the country. Then a few hours later, descend on an approach 200ft above the ground at the correct airport and on the right runway, all without seeing outside the airplane. Truly amazing! We offer a 14 day accelerated instrument rating course or whatever your schedule allows. Another benefit of learning instruments in Colorado is understanding the importance of avoiding the very high terrain and how high altitude affects your aircraft performance. Learning these skills is super important, and you’ll not be getting them in the lower parts of the country. Also, with the latest avionics in our Cessna 172, learning instruments is genuinely an incredible experience. We also will gladly teach in your aircraft. Call today for details!

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commerical flight

Commercial Pilot Certificate

The next step in aviation is to get your Commercial Pilot Certificate. If you are thinking about a career as a pilot, this is the next step. To become a commercial pilot, we will teach you how to be a complete master of the airplane. The training focuses on the smoothness and total manipulation of the aircraft. You are learning how to be a real professional as a pilot. The skill and grace of making the aircraft do precisely as you wish is truly a beautiful thing! Our six-day accelerated commercial pilot course will get you there in a hurry! Or we will work with your schedule to complete the training in the best way possible. Our Cessna 172 is a Technically Advanced Aircraft or TAA. Flying in a TAA qualifies for the particular time needed for the Commercial Certificate. Call us today for details!

Speciality Training

We also offer mountain flying checkouts, flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, high performance, tailwheel training, complex, and CFI-I. Bring your plane, and one of our CFI’s will work with you on the instruction that you need. Here at Grand Mesa Aviation, we believe in high-quality training in the most efficient way possible. Learn with us in the most beautiful part of the country, near Montrose Colorado! And we promise it will be an enjoyable experience!

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Accelerated Courses

Grand Mesa Aviation offers an accelerated course. This course is the best fit for someone who has already finished their medical and written test. You would be flying 4 hours every day for 14 days. This course still offers all the knowledge and training as the others it’s just more intense and compacted. Coming from out of state is easy…Book an Air BnB or hotel nearby and you could be a pilot in  2 weeks! 

You can find Grand Mesa Aviation on Facebook, Instagram, and Google!

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